Meet your match. Access pre-qualified loan trading partners and opportunities.

LendTrade matches loan origination companies with unique and sustainable capital providers. We simplify and accelerate the process of finding compatible partners so you can grow your loan production.

How it Works

We build secondary market relationships between loan portfolio buyers and sellers. We source opportunities that match your objectives, find and qualify compatible partners and accelerate the process by facilitating conversations to identify and remove roadblocks.

  • 01


    We continually research the market to find new companies and people interested in trading loans and we engage them in meaningful conversations.

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    We qualify the people and their goals so your team can focus on advancing opportunities with compatible people instead of deals that lead nowhere.

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    We facilitate conversations between buyers and sellers and help find common ground on pricing, processes, guidelines and other important issues.

About Us

LendTrade is based in Des Moines, Iowa and was founded in April of 2000. We work with loan portfolio buyers and sellers who are frustrated by the time they waste on opportunities that aren’t a fit for pricing, timing or risk. We deliver focused opportunities with potential partners highly qualified to match your key objectives.

Our Focus

  • Mortgage & Home Equity
  • Auto
  • RV
  • Student
  • Home Improvement
  • Solar
  • Unsecured