Dallas Downey

At LendTrade, finding a “people fit” is one of the most important elements in forging long-term partnerships. It’s a philosophy that drives our services, but it’s also our approach to building our team. We’re about growing the right way, and that’s why we’re extremely pleased to welcome Dallas Downey, new Business Development Representative, to the LendTrade team! 

A Des Moines native and graduate of Simpson College, Dallas worked as an insurance agent prior to joining LendTrade. Dallas brings a wealth of client-centric sales skills and experience that makes him an asset in our search for the right loan trading partners. Dallas’ role is focused on building relationships with decision-makers at financial institutions, informing them about LendTrade’s services and seeing if there could be a potential fit for a new partnership.

“So far, I’m loving it. It’s really interesting and fun to talk to new people all over the nation. It’s pretty cool to be getting to know someone from a bank in Arizona one day and then talking about potential future partnerships with someone in Manhattan the next day,” Dallas enthused.

“These conversations are more about relationships than just pitching. It’s about getting to know them and their needs so we can keep them in mind for partnerships down the road,” said Dallas.

Dallas was attracted by the new challenge this position represented for his already-honed sales skills. “It’s an analytical sales role. It tests not only my sales abilities, but my ability to think critically and process information quickly. My favorite part of my work is getting to talk to new people every day and be front-facing, interacting with these individuals and proving to them that this is a beneficial relationship and we’re not just going to hard-sell them.” 

When he’s not meeting future partners, Dallas can be found on the golf course, playing softball or riding his motorcycle. With our office located in a former service station, Dallas is also, fittingly, a gearhead. He enjoys getting in the engine bay and tinkering on his 1984 Chevy pickup truck or his 1951 Chevy Sport Coupe. Please join us in welcoming Dallas!